Achieve Your Goals with Accountability Buddy: The Proven Path to Success

Setting a new goal is the first step towards a transformative journey, but the path to reaching it can often feel daunting. This is where Accountability Buddy steps in, offering you a straightforward and highly effective solution to ensure your success. Our method isn't just another tip or trick; it's a scientifically proven approach that can significantly increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Why Accountability Buddy?

Imagine having a powerful motivator that keeps you focused and on track, every single day. That's what Accountability Buddy offers through the concept of a Commitment Contract. This isn't just any contract; it's a pact you make with yourself, facilitated by us, to ensure you stay committed to your goals. And the stakes? They're tailored to make you think twice about giving up.

Ian Ayres, a Professor at Yale Law School, shares his experience:

“I’ve used this kind of commitment contract several times in the past and it’s worked like a charm. Every week when confronted with the stark choice of whether I want to forfeit $500, I’ve found it easy to forgo dessert and hit the gym.”

How It Works

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Begin with goals that are specific and measurable. Instead of vague aspirations like fitting into old jeans, aim for clear targets such as exercising three times a week or losing one pound per week.
  2. Choose Your Stakes: Depending on the frequency of your goal, penalties can range. For daily goals, it could be $50; for weekly goals, $500. We recommend setting penalties at 5-20% of your disposable income to ensure the amount is significant enough to motivate you.
  3. Receive Custom Reminders: We'll send you reminders via email—daily, weekly, or monthly—based on the nature of your goal. These reminders act as gentle nudges, keeping your objectives top of mind. For enhanced success, integrate these goals into your calendar.

Moreover, we recommend incorporating your goals into your calendar, as doing so significantly improves your chances of success.

No Hassles, Just Results

There’s no need for an account setup or app downloads. Simply choose your goal below, and let us handle the rest with our reminder system. Accountability Buddy is not just a service; it’s your partner in achieving personal excellence.

Start Today

With Accountability Buddy, you're not just setting goals; you're stepping into a commitment to yourself. A commitment that comes with a proven strategy for success and a support system designed to keep you accountable every step of the way.

Choose your goal, financial penalty and email frequency to embark on your journey towards achieving it with confidence. Your success story starts now.

More than 620 000 Commitment contracts have been entered into so far.